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VOLT Battery Powered Conveyors


The latest innovation from Convey-All: The first portable electric agricultural conveyor. The Convey-All 1650TL VOLT is powered by a 96 volt 26.5kwh battery system. The VOLT offers up to 2.5 hour continuous run time and can handle all the same commodities as our standard 1650-TL.

  • Zero emissions: Use the 1650TL VOLT indoors and areas where combustible engines are not allowed.
  • Low Maintenance: Batteries require far less maintenance than gas or diesel motors.
  • Turn-Key Performance: No choking, no warming up.
  • No fuel required.

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1. Standar Feautures
  • 96 volt system: 32kwh battery, 3.3kw charger, 28HP Electric Motor
  • Self-contained drive system
  • Heavy duty mover kit
  • Collapsible hopper
  • Full length windguards
  • Heavy-duty undercarriages
  • Hydraulic lift
  • Spring Tension Drive Box (16’’ conveyors)
  • Hydraulic valves and controls on tow vehicle’s driver side
  • Steel fuel hydraulic oil reservoir
  • Highway tires
  • Discharge hood with electric actuator
2. Optional Features
  • Stainless steel package
  • Fender and light package
  • 2-5/16” ball receiver hitch
  • Quad-adjust hood package
  • Heavy-duty, Railcar Hopper

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Under Carriage A-Frame
Axle Width 8′ 4″
Transport Height 11′ 5″
Transport Length 53′ 7″
15° Discharge Height n/a
15° Length n/a
20° Discharge Height 14′ 2″
20° Length 46′
25° Discharge Height 18′ 4″
25° Length 44′ 8″
30° Discharge Height 22′ 4″
30° Length 43′

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Warranty excludes components not manufactured by Meridian Manufacturing (Engines, Batteries, etc.)
Please contact us or the respective manufacturer for details on their warranties.

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