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Convey-All - About Us

Convey-All®. is one of North America’s leading custom manufacturers of conveyor systems. Based in Winkler, Manitoba, the company exports their products to locations across North America and several countries including Mexico, Kazahkstan, Poland, Germany, Turkey, South Africa and Australia.

Convey-All® was the first Canadian manufacturer to produce agricultural tube conveyors, and have since developed a diverse range of products for both the agricultural and oil & gas sectors.

Through the company’s focus on customer satisfaction, providing innovative solutions, and their willingness to take on new challenges, Convey-All® has proven itself to be a true contender in the global manufacturing market.


Small Beginnings After 12 years of farming near Winkler and another 10 years working as a welder, Bob Toews opens a small custom welding shop under the name Commercial Welding.


Seizing Opportunities After two years of doing custom welding work for a number of Winkler-based manufacturers, the opportunity arose to take over another small business which manufactured conveyors. Within the next couple of years the company experienced significant growth. Now with an expanded line of conveyors retailing across Western Canada, Convey-All's facilities were in need of expansion.


Growth & Expansion Convey-All moved to its current location at 130 Canada Street in Winkler. This provided the space needed to take on more custom and repair work and continue to manufacture their expanding conveyor lines.


Diversifying Although manufacturing conveyor systems remained the focal point of Convey-All's business activities, the importance of diversification and seizing new opportunities became apparent at the height of the recession. In 1991 Convey-All developed a line of outdoor wood furnaces to supplement business which is still currently in operation under the name Global Hydronics.


Growing Pains The company continued to see growth throughout the 1990's with only a temporary decrease due to the recession in 1990. In 1992, Convey-All signed a contract with Grandeur Houseboats to build large pontoons. Soon after, they were contacted by PMI, a major farm equipment manufacturer, to produce a line of combine platforms for the pulse market.


Seed Tenders In 1994, the company was asked to build a line of Drill Fill tanks for a company called StorKing. Within a couple of years, Convey-All purchased StorKing from Meridian Industries and reconstructed their design. The innovative design propelled them into a new direction, pioneering the process for placing the conveyor belting system inside the conveyor. These units are now known as Seed Tenders and have become one of Convey-All's major lines.


Expanding Horizons Convey-All produces its first SandKing prototype, opening doors into the oil and gas industry.


Eastview Expansion Eastview 4, a brand new 30,000 sq ft building was completed in July. Comprised of nine bays with seven overhead cranes, this building serves as the primary SandKing assembly location as well as CST and hydraulic assembly.


Reaching a Milestone Convey-All celebrates 30 years in business.


Plant 7 Expansion Due to the company's constant growth and development, a new assembly facility of 20,000 sq ft of shop space is added to the existing Plant 7 location.


Acquisition by WGI In September 2016, Convey-All Industries Inc. was acquired by Westman Group

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