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Truck Load Conveyors

Convey-AllTM Truck Load conveyors are perfect for moving product from a bin, and loading into a truck or trailer. Our fully loaded Truck Load (TL) models are self-propelled, meaning the conveyor can drive to the truck, not truck to conveyor. Being self-contained and fully hydraulic, means no dealing with belts, pulleys, chains or sprockets.

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Bin Fill Conveyors

Convey-AllTM has a complete range of tube conveyor lengths. A size for any job. Our easy moving, long reaching tube conveyors are great for filling bins or making large piles. Convey-AllTM conveyors are designed to be efficient and simple to use. The engine and control station are set low for easy access. The undercarriages are rugged and heavy duty, using structural steel and fabricated for bolt-together durability. Combine our Bin Fill Conveyors with a Convey-AllTM Transfer Conveyor or Swing Out for ultimate efficiency.

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Seed Tenders

In a highly technical and ever evolving industry, Convey-AllTM Tenders set the standard for effective and innovative solutions for your Farm and Agri-business. Convey-All Industries Inc. is committed to supplying an extensive line of Seed Tenders enabling premium efficiency on the farm, as well as delivering quality product to the marketplace. Convey AllTM is dedicated to providing the tools required to achieve maximum performance on the farm and in the field. We strive to deliver durable, functional and reliable products. And we don’t stop there. Dependability and efficiency are at the core of every Convey-AllTM Seed Tender. Our multi compartment stainless steel tenders are designed to transport seed and fertilizer simultaneously without damage or cross-contamination. The advanced unloading belt conveyor system ensures gentle and time efficient seed delivery directly into your air seeder, reducing your fill time significantly.

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Transfer Conveyors

Our high capacity transfer conveyors are well balanced for easy positioning, allowing you to reach tight corners, low bins and trucks.

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Underbin Conveyors

With over 35 years experience in seed handling equipment, Convey-All™ has been providing conveyors to the ag industry since 1983. We take pride in building quality machinery with proven, straight-forward designs. Our Underbin Conveyors are built in sections and are scalable to any site design, including easy expansion for future growth.

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Paddle Belt Conveyors

Convey-All™ Paddle Belt Conveyors greatly increase the angle of operation, up to 40 degrees, while matching the capacity of your seed treater. The belt design is gentle on your seed. Excellent hopper clean-out access and enclosed belt return ensures long belt life. The conveyor is available in either a transport or stationary configuration.

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1650-TL Oilseed Series

Cereals, pulses, fertilizer and now... OILSEEDS. The All New 1650-TL takes all the features that makes a Convey-All the most durable, functional, and reliable conveyor on the market, and adds the versatility of handling oilseeds such as canola or hemp. The OILSEED Series is designed to keep fine material on the belt and scrapers prevent build up. Unlike other ‘canola approved’ options where capacity is sacrificed, the 1650-TL OSS offers 7,900BPH, keeping your operation running. The 1650-TL is fully equipped with Convey-All’s signature hydraulic drive and mover kit. Being self-contained and fully hydraulic means no dealing with belts, pulleys, chains or sprockets.

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